Monday, November 19, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

team taco bmx ghetto ramps bbq/jam 2012 slideshow

benny18769's team taco bmx ghetto ramps bbq jam 2012 album on Photobucket

a big thanks again to these amazing brands for the great give away prizes!


Monday, October 15, 2012

**team taco bmx ghetto ramps bbq/jam edit 2012**

team taco bmx ghetto bbq/jam 2012 from benny 18769 on Vimeo.

well the jam was a blast and thank you everyone who came out and helped out! big thanks to mutiny empire animal and t-1 for the prizes it was so much fun to do somethin for the MN scene, the footage is kinda shabby, everyone was more focused on fun and hangin out so unfortunately most of the bangers of the day went unfilmed haha but lesson learned i guess, we will have ta have more filmers on hand next time to catch all the mayhem but a big thanks from team taco goes out to everyone involved and stay tuned to the blog for photos soon, some of em do far more justice than the edit an on that note miguel masberg blasted the high jump contest winning at 7ft8in off a 20in tall kicker and pirate nick won long jump with an amazing 26ft long booster off the same lil ass kicker! pirate also went home with the frame for shreddin the fuck outta every trashy obstacle we had on hand! CHEERS!.......more to coverage to follow when i can find some time

Sunday, October 7, 2012

***team taco ghetto ramp bbq/jams on its way!!!***

the jams almost here mn shredder rats!! click on the flyer for details! we will put a sign an bike frames at the end of the driveway so ya can spot the joint and keep in mind ya clowns I DONT LIVE HERE! this is out at my moms place an she was cool enough to be a good spot an let us all get wild for a day so allll are welcome but assholes will be handled swiftly so no problems! gring your own food/drink/booz/chair we got a grill an a fire pit and stuff ta give away so lets fucking party! oct 13th jam kicks off 1pm. we will likely kick off the long jump and high jump contest around 2 r 3pm an give the frame away to the wildest fucker who shreds everything on hand around 5 r 6pm an jus toss out the rest of the shit we got throughout the day. we can get a camp fire goin after dark an keep the grill goin allllll day! shit should be fun yo! spread the word and i hope ya all share in the taco mayhem! CHEERS!!
the view from outside, jump box can go tranni to wedge r tranni to tranni
the garage
lookin out the garage
death gap

most of the stuff is movable and interchangeable, there is a sub box that fits on top of the quarter if we want a quarter to sub and i think afew people are bringin boxes n rails so it should be a real bloodbath folks! see ya there!

random cell pix

gi smith
boen line
jap jam
captain chaos
the box lives
lil joe overtooth
art fag
stormshadow plant